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Top Reasons to use Lead Sages

  1. It's FREE*
  2. Easier to install and update than WordPress
  3. Super Clean SEO Code for Google Ranking
  4. Loads up to 20X faster than WordPress (fewer user bounces)
  5. Latest & Greatest Technology
  6. Manage Multiple domain names from one control panel
  7. FREE Installation Support!!! (Will will start charging for this service soon)

* OK... For most people it is completely free. We will send you a marketing email from time to time to let you know about new features or services. We do charge for premium templates, custom software development and accept donations, but 85% of our customers never pay us a dime!

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  1. Complete the Registration Form
  2. Confirm your email
  3. Upload the software to your website (or ask us for assistance)
  4. Use our super-easy control panel
  5. Hit "Publish" and updates will be seen on your website!

What is the difference between a
Website Builder vs. Website Maker?

WordPress and many other tools are website BUILDERS where you start with a blank page, and need to create the headers, footers and content for your website. Either you or a website designer will fiddle with the font sizes, colors, upload images, create a design and theme etc and keep working until everything is perfect. However, with more people starting their own businesses than ever before, it's often more advantageous to create a good looking, functional website quickly rather than investing in one that is "perfect".

We have created specialized themes that work for specific niches and business needs and in just by completing a simple form with your business name, main selling points, description and a few more things, your website will be created automagically. There are too many website owners that are given completed WordPress websites by developers that have no idea how to make updates or add blog entries. Websites are updated in the same way they are created, by updating your form and clicking the "Publish" button and you can make updates in just a few minutes.


Do you hate marketing agencies that require you to complete a contact form
just to find out if they are affordable?

Us too. Well, here's our simple pricing.

LeadSages Website Making Website Software/ServiceFREE
Online Installation Technical SupportFREE
First 30 Minutes Installation Technical SupportFREE
Additional Installation Technical Support$25 / hour
First 30 Minutes Business CoachingFREE
Business Coaching$50 / hour
Custom Website Development - LeadSages, WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, Custom (HTML/PHP/CSS/Javascript)$50 / hour
SEO - Search Engine Optimization (Starting Price)$100 / month
Social Media Marketing (Starting Price)$300 / month
Copywriting, Blogging, Content Creation
(Monthly Packages Available)
$50 / hour

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